Wattbike accepts USA Cycling's official smart bike endorsement.

Wattbike accepts USA Cycling's official smart bike endorsement.

The official smart bike of USA Cycling and the official sponsor of the national team, Wattbike, has announced a new partnership with the organization.

(This latest collaboration with cycling's national governing organization in the United States follows a collaboration with AusCycling in Australia.)

Wattbikes have long been a proven training tool in the US national team's training regimen. For nearly 15 years, the bikes have been housed at the Olympic Training Center's high-altitude chamber, serving as a cornerstone in athlete training.

Wattbikes, according to USA Cycling, unlike any other smart bike, boost riders' performance in real-time with precise data and analysis... According to the maker, "the bikes deliver precise data, quiet training, performance insights, swift gear changes, and a genuine ride sensation."

Athletes from the USA Cycling track program will be the primary users of the Wattbikes stationed in Colorado Springs and the VELO Sports Center in Los Angeles.

"As a significant training device, the Wattbike allows us to simulate certain training efforts we'd undertake on the track and yet achieve the same physiological response expected from the session," USA Cycling Sprint Track Coach Erin Hartwell said.

Additionally, the ergometer's varied resistance capabilities let us design a variety of interval workouts that focus on particular pedaling cadences to train our sprint athletes better. The data is easily accessible for quick feedback from the touch screen to the coach and athlete and is simple to download for later review, making it very effective for performance monitoring and testing.

"Wattbike was born from elite sport," said Rich Baker, CEO of Wattbike. Anyone who uses one of our indoor bikes will perform better after using it. It's why so many riders love and trust our goods, and we've been working with USA Cycling to find the next national and international champions for several years.

"With this cooperation with USA Cycling, we are bringing our smart bike, the Wattbike Atom, back to the US market. We are eager to collaborate with the athletes, coaches, and USA Cycling members to support their performance enhancements.

For a "full training package" for the USA Cycling community, all Wattbikes include the free Wattbike Hub app, which is accessible via the AppStore or Google Play store.

To improve a rider's indoor training, the Wattbike Hub gives users access to more than 100 workouts, programs, tests, and challenges. The coaching team of USA Cycling also provides exercises and training sessions via the app. "So that all Wattbikers can enhance their fitness and performance achieved through years of top-level training."

Members of USA Cycling may save $400 on the brand-new Wattbike Atom. Members can enjoy discounts from Wattbike by logging into their USA Cycling account and going to the Membership tab.