In the Junior Men's Road World Championships, SHMIDT places fifth.

In the Junior Men's Road World Championships, SHMIDT places fifth.

The day's racing began with Shmidt, Alex Gustin (San Diego; LUX Cycling Development Team), and Viggo Moore competing over eight laps of the Wollongong city circuit for 139 kilometers.

From the beginning, Shmidt was one of the main race animators. He led the pack and followed every move, especially up the opening hill and on the opening lap. He launched his attack at 18 km, and Luxembourg's Mil Morang only managed to hold the break for about 5 km.

Romet Pajur (EST) and Pavel Novak were in another breakaway when the peloton regrouped (CZE). The Americans would not permit the pair to advance very far. A group of cyclists, including Moore and Shmidt, launched an off-peloton attack at the 37-kilometer mark of the race to cross.

Over a distance, Pajur and Novak were separated by more than a minute when the team of Moore, Shmidt, Zachary Walker (GBR), and Benjamin Eckerstorfer (AUT) made contact.

Although there was a chase coming from behind, Shmidt and Moore helped keep the pace high in the front group of six runners. The race came back together throughout the final two laps, and António Morgado (POR) led alone. The two Americans lost the lead as the group exploded after that. After repelling the assault, Emil Herzog (GER) returned to Morgado.

Shmidt spoke to reporters about the race after it had concluded. "Position was everything today—position, position, position. With the rain, corners, and white lines at the start of the race, I tried to stay in the lead, make a few moves early, and avoid exerting too much effort during those moves. We were going to be re-caught on the ascent. I knew since our breakaway gap wasn't growing to be longer than a minute. I was saving every ounce of energy I had. I stayed in the lead after they caught up to us, but sadly I ran out of steam.

Hertzog beat our Morgado in a sprint finish to win the championship. At three kilometers remaining, Moore and Shmidt re-entered the fray and were present for the sprint for the bronze.

"When we caught them, they were moving slowly, so Viggo and I moved to the front," Shmidt continued. Viggo left a little bit early, giving me a little bit of a head start. I began my sprint early, and a few guys circled me. In the end, a few guys got around me because I failed to land the bike throw. The fifth place I received is ideal. A top-five finish in the world is excellent.

Only 57 of the 108 riders would finish the entire road race, but Gustin still crossed the line on the front lap.


1. Emil Herzog (GER) – 3:11:07

2. Antonio Morgado (POR) – +0

3. Vlad van Mechelen (BEL) – +55

5. Artem Shmidt (USA) – +55

11. Viggo Moore (USA) – +55

56. Alex Gustin (USA) – +11:55