In a US interview, Harry claims the royals are attempting to discredit his controversial book Spare

In a US interview, Harry claims the royals are attempting to discredit his controversial book Spare

Prince Harry went on to attack the Royal Family in his most recent television interview, claiming that they are trying to "undermine" his book Spare because of its controversial nature, which has "perhaps made them feel uncomfortable and afraid."

On last night's episode of the renowned American talk show The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the 38-year-old alternated between a cheeky chappy manner, jokes about his "frost-nipped" genitals, and insults to his family.

The show's host, Stephen Colbert, questioned Prince Harry about the book's criticism and if he believed the royal family was actively attempting to "kill this book."

No doubt, "The 38-year-old continued, mentioning how "the British press" had taken part in the alleged "campaign."

Mr. Colbert said that this was "assisted and promoted by the palace," and the Duke of Sussex agreed, saying: "Of course, once again. But this is the other perspective, right?

"After 38 years, they have given their version of the events. Here is the second side of the story."

Then he clarified the reasons for his belief that the royals are running a "campaign" against his book.

Prince Harry commented, "There is a lot in there that, maybe, makes people feel uncomfortable and afraid."

He discussed a wide range of subjects throughout the interview, including refuting allegations that he "boasted" of killing 25 Taliban insurgents. He also said that his critics were "twisting" his words and endangering his "family."

He showed off the necklace that he continues to wear despite having it repaired and claims his brother Prince William damaged it.

He said that he had seen "ancient and more contemporary" episodes of The Crown, although it dealt with topics like his mother's battle with bulimia and her divorce from Charles.

He also poked fun at himself when discussing his "frost-nipped" penis by giggling at Mr. Colbert's remarks about his "royal jewels."

He spoke fondly of the Queen and praised her "sense of humor" and "sharp wit."

The interview had a lighter tone than the ones he had given on earlier shows to fit with The Late Show's mood, even though the Duke of Sussex didn't hold back.

The comic segment that opened the program included Mr. Colbert and two trumpeters who were outfitted to look like the State Trumpeters of the Household Cavalry in the past.

As they began to sing, Prince Harry made an appearance on a red carpet and told the TV host that all the pomp and ceremony "wasn't needed."

Then actor Tom Hanks joined Mr. Colbert and told the Duke that the trumpets had been intended all along for Hollywood aristocracy rather than British monarchy.

Mr. Colbert then offered the Duke of Sussex some tequila to start a dialogue.

He said, "I know you are a relatively private person for being a big personality."

"You are revealing a great deal of information here."

It must be unsettling to be spotted in public while acting out the book. Would you want a beverage before we begin?

"Yes, please," said Harry.

The bulk of the discussion was centered on the same topics that Prince Harry had previously discussed in interviews to promote his books, such as TV appearances with Tom Bradby on ITV and with 60 Minutes and Good Morning America in the US. Additionally, he contributed to a cover story and photo shoot for People magazine.