2008 Hawaii General Elections Story

A head to head comparison of the 2008 Hawaii General Election gives us an idea of the break down of the voters.    

Barack Obama received 325,201 (72%) votes, beating John McCain who gained 120,429 (27%) by 204,772 votes in Hawaii.

Barack Obama won all of the 4 counties in the State of Hawaii whereas John McCain won none.

Presidential General Elections

During the 2008 General elections, over 131M total number of votes were cast. Barack Obama got 69,448,278 (69.4 Million) over John McCain's 61,739,059 (61.7 Million). He won the popular vote by 7,709,219 (7.7 Million). His victory in the State of Hawaii (with 325,201 votes) represents 0.5% of his popular vote victory. The remaining 49 states contributed to the remaining 99.5% popular votes victory.

Top 15 Counties in Primary Elections vs General Elections

All Candidates (General Elections)

These 15 counties play an important role in these Primary elections. If a candidate, can get a sizable majority in the largest county (Honolulu), it becomes very difficult to win majorities in the smaller counties without voter outreach and increased voter participation in them.

Top 15 Counties Comparison in Primary Elections vs General Elections

General Elections
Barack Obama

General Elections
John McCain

All of the four counties (Honolulu, Hawaii, Maui and Kauai) voted in favor of Barack Obama giving him a 204k vote advantage, making him gain an upper hand in the State of Hawaii.

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